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MeXX - Measuring Data Management

MeXX, the powerful, easy to use and customizable measuring data management system.

MeXX Programmoberfläche mit Strukturansicht und Datenblatt.

Measuring Data Management

Myriads of data

You keep on carrying out the same measurements over and over again. They produce innumerable amounts of data and any attempt to manage these data properly almost drives you to despair. If so, we can help you. MeXX allows you to handle any number of measurement data and helps you to spare resources and staff for the archiving, management and evaluation of your testing and measuring data.

Increasing knowledge with the help of intelligent links

Computer technology enables you to record enormous amounts of measuring data. However, this alone is insufficient to increase knowledge in your company. On the contrary: Often, you are rather likely to suffocate in the flood of data. MeXX transforms your data into valuable information by linking them to other data and supplementing them with additional specifications. The company-wide access to this information forms the basis for the acquisition of new knowledge.


The archiving of all measuring data in a structure tailored to your needs and the possibility to supplement them with user-defined descriptive data offers many benefits:

  • Cost-saving due to an improved overview of data. No operation needs to be performed twice.
    • Quality improvement based on the repeatability of operations and the user-definable folder and filing system.
      • Simplified cooperation featured by the company-wide access to the data and their central data storage.
        • Increased security supported by detailed access rights. In addition, the central storage simplifies the archiving of data.
          • The fast retrieval of data saves time.


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          • Customizability
            By customizing the configuration and adding extension modules, you can adjust MeXX to the most diverse application scenarios.
          • Unified filing system
            The hierarchic filing structure ensures a high data quality and easy retrieval of the stored data.
          • File management
            MeXX provides an integrated file management with access protection and file versioning.
          • Import and export
            Numerous mechanisms ensure the efficient filing of data in files and applications, on the one hand, and efficient access to these data, on the other hand.
          • Integration with Microsoft Office
            No unnecessary program changeovers or detours via the Windows explorer. You can access all important file management functions directly in the Microsoft Office applications.
          • Evaluation of data
            MeXX offers a comprehensive chart module with pivot functions to evaluate the stored data.
          • Searching and finding
            Numerous filters and search functions allow the user to find quickly the data records he is looking for among the huge quantity of stored data.
          • Access rights, status and history
            Protection mechanisms prevent unauthorized access to the data stored in MeXX. The history is recorded automatically and provides for the transparency of processes.

          Customer Success Story BOSCH Mobility Solutions

          For many years, the company BOSCH has relied on the MeXX software for the management of measuring and development data in the injector R&D section. At the company site in the German Schwieberdingen, approximately 150 users currently work with the software. Over the years, the system has been continuously developed and improved with numerous enhancements. With the latest extension, a module for the generation of standardized evaluations, the entire process of evaluating measurement data is optimized and accelerated.

          Customer Success Story BOSCH Mobility Solutions

          Customer Success Story - MEXX


          Robert BOSCH GmbH in Schwieberdingen uses the MeXX measurement data management system to manage all test data generated during the product development process. In the customer success story, you can read how to keep the overview about the data generated in around 200 tests on over 1,000 valves per year.


          Customer Success Story MEXX