Confit - Product configurator

With the Confit product configurator software, you can create quotations,

visualisations, parts lists and CAD models for complex products in no time

at all.

What is Confit

With Confit, our integrated solution for product configuration, you have your multi-variant products under control! Our software supports your processes in customer acquisition, quotation preparation, calculation, design, work preparation and production.

Your products and their properties and interrelationships are modelled, stored and managed centrally. Our product configurator software Confit can be operated on the desktop, on a local server, on the web or in the cloud.

Functions of Confit

Confit - the CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software

With the Confit product configurator, you can optimally present your products on the web, including 3D representation. In addition to a quotation, Confit can also generate drawings, 3D models, tender texts and BIM files in real time.

Confit - the solution for production

Generate parts lists and routings for your production with Confit.

Even if your products have many variants, with the Confit product configurator you have a quick-to-learn and easy-to-use tool that relieves your work preparation from day one.

Confit - the CAD Configurator

With over 20 years of experience in the CAD field, REITEC is the right address when it comes to design automation.

Confit offers numerous interfaces to CAD systems such as SolidWorks, Inventor or SolidEdge.

Confit is a pioneer in the BIM process (Building Information Model) with its interfaces to REVIT and IFC!

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