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MeXX extension diagrams for BOSCH Mobility Solutions

Measuring data management at BOSCH

For many years, the company BOSCH has relied on the MeXX software for the management of measuring and development data in the injector R&D section. At the company site in the German Schwieberdingen, approximately 150 users currently work with the software and Bosch plans to roll it out worldwide step by step. We have improved the software system continuously over the years. In addition to countless new and improved standard functions, we enhanced the software for Bosch with customer-specific modules such as warehouse management and laboratory management based on the Kanban principle.

Relief from routine tasks

All new functions and extensions aim at the most detailed mapping of the production process. They are intended to support the R&D personnel in their daily work and provide relief from routine tasks. The latest development, which is an extension module for the automatic generation of standard evaluations, is a distinct approach to this goal.

The initial situation

Before the implementation of the evaluation module, the measuring data were recorded and saved in MeXX, but the actual evaluation was done in Excel. This involved many disadvantages such as redundant data, laborious copying of data for comparative evaluations, unsightly charts and missing functions, i.e. to calculate axes scaling or to zoom in and out.

The benefits

The newly developed extension allows the user to select the desired measuring data directly in the MeXX structure. These data are automatically supplemented with project information and specimen data. The user must simply select an evaluation template to generate the configured charts. Subsequently, the user can make additional adjustments such as inserting tolerances and limits, filter data or modify the chart style. After the completion of the evaluation, he/she can export charts and data tables per drag & drop. It goes without saying that the evaluation file is stored in MeXX and can be used for further evaluations at any time.

“MeXX seems to offer unlimited possibilities. I look forward to what occurs to us tomorrow,” says A. Marktscheffel from Bosch.

The functions

  • Creation of evaluation templates
  • Field selection per drag & drop
  • Two display modes: single-chart or multi-chart
  • Field designations and units directly from MeXX
  • Hiding of invalid data
  • Calculation of the relative and the absolute deviation with a freely definable reference value
  • Calculation of the average value
  • Display of tolerance lines and bands
  • Dynamic tolerances
  • Customizable chart style
  • Zoom functions for charts
  • Display of chart values per mouse over
  • Export of charts and tables per drag & drop
  • Freely selectable criteria for data filtering
  • Grouping of data for pivot evaluations

About BOSCH Mobility Solutions

The BOSCH Group is an internationally leading provider of technology and services with approximately 402,000 employees all over the world. Mobility Solutions is the largest business segment of the BOSCH Group. This segment pursues the vision of an accident-free, emission-free and hassle-free mobility in the future. It concentrates its competences in three domains - automation, electrification and smart technology. The segment offers integrated mobility solutions to its customers. The essential fields of business are: injection technology and ancillary components for combustion motors as well as multiple solutions for powertrain electrification.

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