MeXX Measurement data management

Manage measurement data with MeXX Measurement Data Management

documents and measurement data that arise during product development

or testing.

What is MeXX

MeXX is the software for managing any measurement data and documents generated during testing and product development.


MeXX makes measurement data management child's play. The measurement data and documents are filed in an intuitive manner and supplemented with descriptive data.

There are extensive analysis and evaluation modules for evaluating the data.



Functions of MeXX

Automated evaluation and analysis

MeXX offers a comprehensive diagram module with pivot functionality for evaluating the stored data. Standardised, recurring reports can be generated automatically with a few clicks via the template function. Image data from imaging procedures can be directly analysed and processed.

Structured, uniform storage of data

The standardised filing structure is the basis for high data quality and thus for efficient retrieval of the stored data. The user is supported in filing and order arises by itself.

Integration in Microsoft Office

No more unnecessary programme changes or detours via Windows Explorer. All important file functions are available directly within the Microsoft Office programmes.

Easy and fast data retrieval

Numerous filter and search functions enable the user to find the data records that are important to him or her from the large amount of stored data.

Customer Success Story

MeXX - Bosch GmbH

The company Robert BOSCH GmbH in Schwieberdingen uses the MeXX measurement data management system to manage all test data generated in the product development process. Read the reference report to find out how they keep track of the data generated by around 200 tests on over 1,000 valves a year.


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Customer Success Story

BOSCH Mobility Solutions

For the management of measurement and development data in injector development, BOSCH has been using the MeXX measurement data management system for many years. Around 150 users use the system at the Schwieberdingen site. Over the years, the system has been continuously developed and improved with numerous enhancements. With the latest extension, a module for the standardised generation of evaluations, the entire process of evaluating measurement data is optimised and accelerated.


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