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We are Reitec

As a specialist for .NET programming in the CAD environment and

for database solutions, REITEC GmbH has been active in the

market since 1996.


Our services in the CAD environment include CAD automation, CAD extensions and CAD interfaces for SolidWorks, Inventor and SolidEdge. The range of services is supplemented by the products Reitec.Testplan for drawing-based test planning and Reitec.Confit, a product configurator for CAD systems.

The best-known product, Reitec.PMM, enables clear management of test equipment in the context of quality assurance. The MeXX measurement data management solution is a scalable system for managing all the data generated during the product development process. The products in the database environment are complemented by services such as programming of customer-specific solutions in .NET, database design and data migration.

Over the past 17 years, a wealth of experience has been accumulated, enabling us to quickly grasp new tasks and implement them at a high technical level. The company culture includes open and honest dealings with our customers, which is expressed in numerous customer relationships that have existed for many years.


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