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Reitec.Confit.3D Product Configuration Tool

Confit.3D is a interactive Product configuration tool to assemble complex products with thee dimensional visualization. Confit.3D works without a expensive 3D-CAD-System.

Programmoberfläche mit 3D-Darstellung einer Aufhängung mit Deckenverankerung.
Configurator Create Drawing

3D without a CAD system

A picture is worth a thousand words and a 3D representation is more than a simple BOM. If the 3D representation is even interactively e.g. can be rotated or the user can make a selection by clicking certain parts you've got a tool at hand that really helps you configure complex products and assemblies.

In conjunction with the integrated report generator bill of materials, prices, 3D displays and even  drawings can be created at no time.

Benefit from our fair licensing conditions: You pay an one-time license fee and can then distribute  Confit.3D to your customers and partners or use internally with no limitations.


  • Top modern user interface with ribbons in Office 2010 Style
  • Import of CAD data directly from your 3D CAD system in STL format
  • Integrated report generator to define individual reports
  • Saving and loading configuration projects
  • Distribution of product data in encrypted project files
  • Multilingual (German / English)
  • Fully automatic or interactive dimension of the models
  • Export of vector and bitmap data (emf, dxf, dwg, jpg)
  • Export of confit batch configurations for fully automated generation of 3D volume models in the CAD system with Confit CAD Automation
  • Attributive assembly of components
  • Dynamic item structure, only the possible components are visible in the selection tree
  • Expandable with .NET assemblies
  • Client freely distributable with optional individual licensing


Screenshot Product Configuartor User Interface
Customizeable Window
Screenshot Product Configurator Example
Sample Case
Screenshot Product Configurator Drawing
Screenshot Product Configurator Datasheet
Project Data
Screenshot Product Configurator BOM
Bill of Material


Assembling a wooden train.