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Confit CAD-Automation

Confit, a CAD product configuration system, supports you effectively in your daily work.

3D-Darstellung von Förderbändern

Automate the construction process

The Confit product configuration system extends your CAD system by generating model variants in a fast and easy way. The design logic is managed by an independent interpreter. The graphic administration tool simplifies the setup of the system and supports the automatic import of assemblies and parts. Furthermore, it is possible to assemble Confit models in your 3D-CAD interactively and with anautomatic generation of assembly mates.

Administration functions

  • Assistant for new configuration projects
  • Automatic import of CAD models
  • Interactive designer to create an individual user interface
  • Drag and Drop function for ease of use
  • Easy creation of configuration logic with formulas
  • Integrated basic language for any complex configuration logic
  • Debug modus with breakpoints and value inspector

Application functions

  • Models can be created, added to assemblies and changed within these assemblies.
  • New models can be linked to present models
  • Various models and links can be generated in batch mode. The parameters and links are defined via XML file.


  • Interfaces to 3D-CAD systems SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and AutoCAD.
  • The configuration logic can be saved in a database (SQL Server or Oracle) or in a file.
  • Confit is based on modern Microsoft .NET technology.
  • CAD models can be created on a local computer or on a server.
  • The configuration logic can be extended by .NET libraries.

And many more...

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Project Engineering for Transport System Kit

A transport system in the industrial field is individually designed for each client. The transportation system is based on a kit having straight lines, bends and points. With Confit it is possible to create flexible parts such as a straight line with any given length. The assembly of the kit parts is done with a simple click. Confit does the plausibility test and the connection of the parts.

Machinery Data for Sheet Metal Parts

Kitchen ventilation systems have to adapt to any given dimension of a room. In the past the 2D production data was changed in its dimension. Today Confit produces 3D models creating the machinery data. This enables the design engineer to make additional changes within the 3D data.


Create profiles with the Confit product configurator.

Create a conveyor system with Confit.

How to use the Confit Administration program.

3D preview inside the Confit web client.