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Reitec.Testplan Quality Control Center

With Reitec.Testplan Quality Control Center you can easily edit inspection plans, which have been created with the Reitec.Testplan CAD add-ins.

QCC Data auquisition

Paperless Quality Assurance

The Reitec.Testplan Quality Control Center is the logical continuation of the Reitec.Testplan CAD add-ins. The test plans generated with the CAD add-ins can be loaded and run with the Quality Control Center. In addition to the inspection plan the CAD drawing (PDF format) with the test symbols is loaded and displayed.

With the drawing as a visual selection guide, the QM staff can load the dimension data by clicking on the check symbol in the drawing. It's possible to save the measured value directly into the test record. He receives immediate feedback as to whether the measured value is within the tolerance or not. If necessary, he also has the opportunity to directly display and edit the test plan Excel file inside the application. The creation of test protocols becomes a cinch.

Mobile and PC-bound

The possible applications of Reitec.Testplan.QCC is not limited to normal Windows PCs only, through gestures optimized GUI it can easily be used on tablets too. The availability of Reitec.Testplan.QCC on mobile devices opens up entirely new possibilities to optimize the work processes in quality assurance.

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Customer Success Story ASFO (Italy)

The company ASFO (Italy) uses the latest technology in quality assurance. With the new tablet-based software Reitec.Testplan the QA process is greatly simplified. The QM personnel can register every measured value directly in the tablet application. He receives direct feedback on whether the dimension is within the tolerance range or not. Reitec.Testplan utilizes the testplans created with Reitec.Testplan for Inventor. The QM personnel can select check dimensions directly in the drawing.

Customer Success Story ASFO

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