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3D Applications

We develop complete 3D applications or visualization solutions for your application.

Whenever you need a rotatable, zoomable and realistic representation in 3D or high-quality drawings and do not want to use a CAD system, you can count on us and our solutions. We use the Eyeshot solution from devDept, which is based on the latest .NET technology. This allows us to provide you with a pure display component with model functions or a complete application. On the internet, the WebGL standard, which we have been supporting for several years, is becoming more and more popular. We will develop complete ASP web applications for you, for example product configurators, with an interactive 3D representation.

Implemented functions

  • Modeling with sketches and features
  • Modeling via cutting existing CAD models
  • Sectional representations
  • Geometric collision test
  • Rule-based modeling using formulas
  • Drawing derivation with multiple views
  • Automatic or manual dimensioning
  • Create high-quality PDF documents with images, vectors and texts
  • Import and export of AutoCAD, IGES or Step files

Implemented projects

  • Product Confit.3D Product Configurator
  • Product configurator for blister packs
  • Product Confit WebGL 3D Configurator for the web

Customer Success Story ROMACO

Thanks to the blister design software developed by REITEC GmbH, the company ROMACO can respond quickly and flexibly to enquiries and demands of its customers. The software runs independently of expensive and complex CAD systems and supports the employees in their daily work. Realistic 3-D representations of the blister pack and 2-D drawings of high quality create considerable added value for the customer. Moreover, the software offers full change control and numerous interfaces to other software applications.

Customer Success Story ROMACO

Our Customers

Reitec Customer Inometa
Reitec Customer Bosch
Reitec Customer ROMACO