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Customer Success Story REVEN Web-based Configurator

REITEC Web-based Configurator for REVEN Capture Systems

The Initial Situation

In recent times, the number of inquiries concerning BIM and 3D data has increased continuously. Because ventilation products vary strongly in terms of dimensions, the provision of these data involved much work for the Rentschler REVEN personnel and turned out to be even impossible in some cases. Another problem was the preparation of standardised and valid quotation sketches and drawings. Most quotations include drawings of the hoods that show the location of exhaust sockets or of grease drain valves, for instance. The preparation of such drawings was laborious and consumed resources in the back office that would be needed otherwise.

The Idea

This situation brought about the idea of developing a web-based configurator that delivers drawings for quotations as well as 3D models and BIM data. Moreover, it should provide an option for sending a request for proposal. This feature should offer prospective customers an easy way to contact the company with comprehensive information about what they are looking for. The web-based solution addresses sales agents as well as existing and prospective customers.

The Solution

For many years, Rentschler REVEN have used the CAD automation system Confit, which was developed by REITEC. Therefore, it was convenient to rely again on the expertise of REITEC for the new task. For the project, the existing Confit web-based solution was fundamentally revised by REITEC. The new solution is based on the modern Web-API 2 technology in combination with AngularJS and is provided in a Microsoft Azure Cloud. The visualization uses WebGL for the 3D representation. The configurator has seamlessly been integrated into the MyREVEN portal so that the user only needs to log in once to access all areas of the portal.

The user can select the desired product from a list and customize it by defining the corresponding parameters. The data entered by the user in the Client are checked and evaluated for compliance with the rules in real time. The 3D and 2D representations are also adjusted in real time. The user can interactively examine the model and the drawing thanks to rotation, displacement and zoom functions. He/she can download the generated models and drawings in various file formats. The data are also generated dynamically on the server. An inquiry function that transmits all configuration parameters to Rentschler REVEN rounds off the interactive user experience. The solution is currently operated for selected products of the fume capture range. The available user interface languages are English and German.

The functions

  • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Clout platform
  • Modern user interface with latest features
  • Overview of product groups and products
  • Parameter entry with rule check
  • Parameters depend on the current configuration
  • Realistic 3D representation in real time
  • Drawings in 2D in real time
  • Provision of various CAD formats
  • Provision of drawings in the PDF format
  • Links to the corresponding catalogue chapters
  • RfP function with the transmission of the configuration data
  • Fully integrated in a customer-specific web portal

The Benefits

"Thanks to the web-based configurator, we can enclose a high-quality drawing with each quotation and our customers love the RfP function, because no information is lost any longer!" describes Vitali Lai, Sales Manager at Rentschler REVEN, the situation after the implementation of the software. Extended functions such as the generation of design specifications or the connection to the ERP system and the enhancement of the product range are planned for the coming months.

About Rentschler REVEN GmbH

The company Rentschler REVEN is based in the German town of Sersheim and was founded in 1905. It has become the leading manufacturer of air-purification equipment. The continuously improved separating system X-CYCLONE® is used in manufacturing and finishing processes as well as in the food industry and commercial restaurant and canteen kitchens.