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Customer Success Story Schnaithmann

How Confit supports automation technology specialist Schnaithmann

The initial situation

Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH offers customers a variety of different conveyor belts for the automation of assembly and production. The systems are made up of many individual profiles and can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements and project situations. This enables the company to offer prospective customers systems that are precisely tailored to their needs.

The tasks

To make design processes even more efficient, the responsible people at Schnaithmann were looking for software that could automate recurring routine tasks within the framework of CAD automation. These tasks include changes in length and width of the 3D models of the conveyor belts, for instance. Design engineers should be able to work in the CAD system, create new belt variants directly (on the fly) as well as enter and change parameters via a configurator. In order to generate efficiency advantages, it was also desirable that modifications could be taken over into the system planning and be integrated seamlessly into the existing ERP or PDM software architecture.

The solution

Given the requirement profile, it quickly turned out that the Confit CAD automation system was ideally suited to automate the design process. In addition to the automatic creation of 3D models, the management of configuration logic quickly gained in importance. Programs such as the administration tool, which allows users to load and parameterize 3D master models directly from the CAD system, take this into account. In the meantime, complete conveyor belts, including drive, motor, track and deflection, can be automatically generated on the basis of an intelligent purchase order code. An interactive editing function in the configurator also allows the designer to apply changes to generated variants. After selecting the appropriate module, Confit displays all relevant parameters. If the design engineer applies changes, the software automatically creates a new variant and inserts it into the CAD system.

Highlights of Confit in the area of design and construction

  • create, insert, modify and append models
  • generate XML parts lists based on 3D models
  • find created configurations again
  • review model and configuration changes
  • interactive design mode
  • batch mode for creating complete systems
  • seamless integration into existing ERP and PDM systems

Features of Confit in the administration area

  • importing 3D models from the CAD system
  • design of input masks via form designer
  • interpreter-based set of rules
  • can be extended as required via individual .NET modules
  • debug mode
  • automatic parameter evaluation

About Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH

Since 1985, Schnaithmann has been serving its customers as one of the leading system suppliers in automation technology. Schnaithmann provides quality solutions in assembly, material flow and handling technology with a wide range of services. The customers receive all services including planning, components and complete systems from a single competent source.