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The REITEC Company

The Fa. REITEC was founded in 1996. Since its founding programming activities in the field of CAD is the most important point in the range of services offered. In addition to various interfaces were as between Autodesk Productstream and Solid Edge or Autodesk Vault and SolidWorks and numerous customer-specific solutions such as a planning tool kit for the Fa. SolarWorld have been developed. With Confit, we have created a CAD automation software that is used worldwide. 

Over the past 17 years we gained a lot of experience, which allows us to implement new tasks quickly and on a high technical level. The corporate culture is based on open and honest dealings with our customers which is reflected in many long year customers.

The managing directors

Reitec CEO Reiter
Dipl. Inf. Marc Reiter
Reitec CEO Wannenwetsch
Dipl. Inf. Stephan Wannenwetsch